Live A Sacrificial Life!

I had to share this Blog from my girlfriend's page. This has always been a question I've had, WOW! So profound but still so simple! #Lordhelpme#gracegraceandmoregrace

I heard a missionary from the organization Live Dead speak at my church this past weekend. He works in the darkest regions of our planet, the areas that are most hostile to Christians. He said something so incredibly profound, something that I have wondered about my entire Christian walk. How can a Christian face and withstand incredible torture and torment for the sake of Christ, and not deny Him? He told a story of a man who was told by his captors to renounce Christ, or they would cut off pieces of his son's body, right in front of him. This man watched his own son be tortured and dismembered, and he did not renounce Jesus. How is this possible? Maybe do what you will to me, but when I consider a threat to my own children, that is something that I just can't fathom. This speaker said that the only way that he could perceive that someone could face the worst possible torture and torment for the sake of Christ was if this person died to his own flesh on a daily basis. It is to live a life of constant, daily self-sacrifice and resisting temptation, that is the only way that you could stand before men and not deny Jesus if your life, or the life of your loved one, depended on it. I am undone. Please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe who daily face threats to their lives and freedom, all for the sake of Jesus. And challenge yourself to live a living martyr's life for Christ, a life of sacrifice and flesh slaying. Eternity is but a breath away.

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